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"Are you my mother?"
- Hedwig
Hedwig Bed

At six months old, my brother and I found ourselves orphaned (stupid Voldemort) and in need of a home. MNBR stepped in to save us. They placed us in foster care, vetted us, and taught us to 'dog'. Then one sunny day, I met my mom. It was a dream!

Over the last five years, I was spoiled by my mom. She fed me, exercised me, cuddled me, and trained me. I turned out to be the goodest boy....at least that's what I've been told! The last couple of years have been difficult for my mom and she can no longer care for me, so now I'm in need of a new mom. Or dad. I'm open to my options!

I'm not ready to share my past prior to MNBR, but what I can tell you is it caused me to have a nervous disposition. I like to be told when things are 'okay'. Sometimes at the vet, I need Trazadone. I'm also not a big fan of dogs in my face. I used to go to doggie daycare, but one day something happened and I've been nervous around other dogs ever since. When they get in my personal space, I get tense and may snap at them. That being said, I do have a couple of acquaintances that I can walk next to on walks. Despite these minor flaws, I have hundreds of winning qualities that qualify me as 'the goodest boy'. Let me tell you about them!

I'm very wiggly! I love companionship and being part of your day-to-day life, when able. I understand I can't go grocery shopping with you. If you could take me, I bet I could charm the butcher for a treat! When I can't be with you, I enjoy taking naps and watching the world go by out the window. I don't bark much. I also don't slobber often. The only time you'll need a jowl towel with me is when I smell something delicious and start blowing spit bubbles. Right now I'm thinking about cheesy biscuits. Mmmm mmmm mmmm!  I really love playing 'keep away' with my toys. I like it when you throw toys up and down the stairs for me to fetch. It helps keep my quads and hammies strong. Don't you just love the burn?! I sometimes put my toys in the laundry, which might cause me to rip a piece of clothing or two trying to retrieve it. Oops! 

Hedwig Field

My favorite thing is going out on my leash, be it a stroll through the neighborhood, a hike in the woods or a field, or hopping in the car for an adventure to Home Depot or Chuck and Don's. I walk very well on a leash and listen to my commands. I'll even, slightly begrudgingly, let you put my winter boots on so we can exercise in winter. I like chilling in the backyard too while you garden, tan yourself with a tinfoil shade, or whatever it is you like to do.

I'm really good in the shower and afterward, I'm supercharged for zoomies! Who needs a towel when you can dry off by running? Just kidding, I'm not going to skip a warm bath towel and a rub down followed by a brushing! Then I'll do my zoomies. I don't love getting my nails trimmed, but I'm learning to like the grinder at Bubbly Paws. 

I'm emotionally very intuitive. Having a tough day, I've got you! I'm also very smart. Not to brag, but I got 1520 on my SATs. I love learning especially working for rewards. I respond best to a lifestyle of consistency, routine, and boundaries. I know about 20 different commands. I come with a manual!

So what do you think? Can I join your family?

Hedwig Field


Minnesota Boxer Rescue is a non-pr
ofit 501(c)(3), foster-based, dog rescue organization primarily serving Minnesota and surrounding areas.
Operated 100% by dedicated and committed volunteers.

We are dedicated to rescuing Boxers left homeless for whatever reason – dogs in public shelters, dogs surrendered by their owners due to various life circumstances, and those rescued from abuse or neglect. Any Boxer coming into our rescue receives the necessary and needed medical attention as well as training if needed. We evaluate each Boxer’s personality and temperament in order to place the dog in a permanent home best suited for the new family and dog. The main goal of Minnesota Boxer Rescue is to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home boxer dogs in need and give them a second chance. We place dogs in loving, responsible, committed “forever” homes, following a comprehensive and thorough adoption process. We also provide information, education, and support to the family and Boxer going forward.

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