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Last Updated:
9/20/2020 1:04 PM


Bo's Web Page

Boxer (short coat)  : :  Male  : :  Adult  : :  Medium

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Learn more about the Boxer.

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About Bo

  • Status: Adopted!
  • Adoption Fee: $107.25 includes MN sales tax
  • Species: Dog
  • Rescue ID: 18-39/19-08
  • General Color: Fawn
  • Color: Fawn with white
  • Distinguishing Marks: Scarring/missing hair around hindquarter area due to wearing a diaper in early years.
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Ear Type: Droopy
  • Tail Type: Docked
  • Current Size: 65 Pounds
  • Current Age: 9 Years 3 Months (best estimate)
  • Housetrained: Yes
  • Obedience Training Needed: Needs Training
  • Exercise Needs: Moderate
  • Grooming Needs: Moderate
  • Shedding Amount: Moderate
  • Owner Experience Needed: Breed
  • Reaction to New People: Protective

*As of 2/24/2020 *

This is handsome boy Bo. 
He has been in a very LOVING foster home for 53 weeks and 6 days. 
He’s been looking for his FUREVER home for 377 days. 
He’s been hoping for HIS family for 9048 hours.
Bo has been dreaming for his home to come along for 542,880 minutes. 
Not one of those 32,572,800 seconds has gone by without looking, hoping, and dreaming! 


*Updated 2/18/2020

Hard to believe that I have been in foster for over 365 days now. The year has flown by, and I have learned so much more about living a good relaxed life. I am still a work in progress, but I am still a loveable goof that likes to squeak my toys and drink lots of water; in fact, I drink to just about anything...when I come in from outside, when anyone laughs, if a commercial comes on the tv, a birds flies by...I take a swig of water. Which means, I like to go outside a lot to go potty! I go out on a tie out leash now and still manage to have some fun times running around, but I know, I would love to be able to have a fenced in yard to run around even more. I know, I am loved and cared for but I am still wondering about my forever home. Is there another family out there that can understand my rough edges and huge loving heart? I will give you a high five anytime to show you how much I am in it with you; are you a strong dog owner that can high five back? 

*Updated 10/24/2019*

Woo Hoo! Bo is excited to let you know that he has officially been removed from "training hold status"! He has been working so very hard to learn how to meet new people but still needs slow introductions. He truly is a wonderful, loving, respectful, obedient, and hilarious pup with his foster family. He has personality plus and to say he loves his sqeaking pig is an understatement. Bo is a great dog and companion, that has so much fun and love to give;though he will for sure need a family that has their thumbs on him at all times when new people or animals are around. Day to day, he is just so much fun and easy going. He loves to just be a part of the family and hang out whereever they are.

Update 9/15/2019- Foster Coordinator observations

I finally got an opportunity to meet Bo about a month ago at one of his training sessions. When I walked through the door there was a few barks but his foster parents made sure that they had him in control. As I made my way to the kitchen table and sat down, I placed my hands in my lap. Within a few minutes of sitting down he had settled down and came up to me to sniff. 30 seconds later he is giving sweet little kisses on my hands. Knowing how he was before training I just let him keep coming up to me and not looking at him or petting him. After about 15 minutes of that I gave him some much deserved pets, he is as sweet as pie. Bo and his foster parents have came so far in the last few months. They all have gotten out of there comfort zones and helped this boy with the hardest part of his life!

I know there is someone out there that has the time, patients, and love that this guy deserves!

Foster Updates-8/25/2019

Bo is loving the dog days of Summer and the wonderful toys that have been sent his way. Hanging out in the yard and munching on some grass is a great day for Bo. He also loves the freedom to run through the house squeaking his pig toys; sounds like he is practicing duck calls for the upcoming hunting season. He continues to work with a trainer, meet new people, and enjoy all the things that come with living his best life. Fall is coming quickly; he is ready to start sporting some team gear and watch some football! Keep watching for more updates and see which team he will supporting!

Update 8/2/2019 - Intake Coordinator observations*

Bo's foster parents took him in nearly 7 months ago with limited knowledge of how exactly to handle him safely in their home. Guess what happened? They learned! He learned! They have allowed him a place to feel at ease as he tested himself beyond his boundaries,  continuously stretching himself all the while adding to their own skill set, knowledge and expanding their own boundaries. When I first met Bo back in February, he barked, lunged, stared and exhibited red zone behavior. Fast forward to now and I've gotten chin kisses, been allowed to check his teeth, rub his sweet face and give him an abundance of neck scratches. He is still on alert when I come to see him, but he no longer lunges or barks. He sits with excitement and allows for pets. He still has to learn a few things when it comes to 'stranger danger', but he is well on his way! He has learned how to walk on a leash, watch and listen for his commands and so much more. He's responding beautifully to training. He will always live a lifestyle of training and will need a home committed to continue and maintain his training. Bo is crushing his second chance proving to everyone what time, patience and training can do for a dog.

Oh and he's graduated from Behavioral Hold to Training Hold. Whohoo!!

Update 6/23/2019*

The calendar said "Summer" and Bo is ready to start his work with a professional trainer/behaviorist and to enjoy some warm summer weather! His foster family is hopeful that he can finally learn to greet new people appropriately every time and show everyone the loving, goofy, sweet side that they see. It is not going to be an easy or quick journey but we are all hopeful that this training is going to help him be equipped to live his best life and enjoy all the wonderful people he will meet along the way. Training starts on June 26th! His foster family will keep us updated on his progress. Stay Tuned! Bo also says that he would love any new toys anyone would like to send his way as an incentive to work hard--he especially loved his squeaky pig that he recently unstuffed

Update 5/12/2019*

Bo wants you to know that he is still working his way towards finding a family to call his own! He is loving Spring and being able to enjoy the sun and smells. He still struggles with remaining calm when meeting new people and continues to work on that.  Barriers such as being in his kennel or gated cause him to bark, jump, and get anxious when he comes in contact with these new people.  Once he is able to be free to greet people without a barrier or leash, he has been fine...though this is always done with caution as he is a powerful pup. He truly is a loving, sweet, funny, smart, and polite pup to his foster fur-sisters and parents and to guests once he get used to them being around. He wants to be with his people but feels more comfortable sleeping in his own bed at night. And he loves to gallop throughout the house playing with any and all toys he sees; the squeakier the better:) He has done well with the resident pups and a visitor pup but is not attached to having them around; he really just tries to fit in. He hopes to be ready to start meeting potential families soon and encourages people to reach out about him if you are interested in hearing more about him.

*Update 4/3/2019*

Update on Bo from his foster family.


What a lover and pleaser this pup is. Bo just wants to be part of the family and hang around with people wherever they are. He loves to be outside and take in all the smells of spring, so a fenced in yard would be ideal to let him explore the world as much as he can. We are still working on meeting new people. He initially tends to make people a bit apprehensive with his bark and pulling but when allowed to come up to the visitors, he has done very well. It really seems like he just wants to be able to meet everyone; barking and being crazy is his way of making that known.  Thankfully, he inches he way into the petting zone of people without aggression and will allow the other pups to get some attention also. Training on this will be on going. He has done a great job with the two resident female pups but he really likes to have people’s attention, so having another dog is not a priority. He also loves to gallop around and play with his toys. It is hilarious when he is tossing them up in the air and across the room. He really is a great dog and will be a great companion to the right person or family that allows him to be as active of a participant in their lives as they should be in his.

Greetings Boxer Lovers! My name is Bo. Some of you may recall seeing me last year; I am back in the loving hands of MNBR again. It is a bummer because it is not really my fault…well sort of not my fault:) I just really was not feeling the environment I was in; I could not relax, trust, and be myself. I am all settled in my foster home now. They have been taking all things slowly with me as they did not know what to expect with me and knew that any mistakes made could be costly for me. Thank goodness, they are top notch and saw something in my smile, and I could feel that this is the right place for me to figure all about what is good in the world. I do well with my foster fur-sisters (though it took a few weeks for them all to trust and see that I am one cool dude). I get it; they had to make sure all was safe. Now comes the phase that I am most scared and excited for…..meeting new people! I kind of act crazy with barking and lunging when new folks come around; pretty scary for most folks that cannot see my tail wagging behind me. I will get this down too, but it may take some time. I heard my foster Mom talking and she said that I am super smart, sweet, goofy, sensitive, and am better behaved than my foster fur-sisters. Ha-Ha ladies:) She also said that my next family will have to be on top of their boxer game too and have to know that loving me has to be a commitment they are willing and able to make forever! I promise I will make it worth that commitment! Feel free to reach out about me but please do not be upset if we are not a perfect match; I am searching as you are and the right matches are made when they are truly right!  

*Must be an experienced dog owner 

**If you can commit to having an abundance or patience, discipline, and love, you could be exactly what this deserving pup needs.


More about Bo

Good with Dogs, Not Good with Cats, Is Not Good with Kids, Very vocal, Does Good in the Car, Leashtrained, Likes to play with toys, Protective, Obedient, Playful, Timid, Skittish, Affectionate, Eager To Please, Intelligent, Goofy

Special Needs: Slow introductions to unfamiliar people and animals. Cats or small animals may be an issue for him.

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