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About Chevy *Adoption Pending*

  • Status: Adopted!
  • Adoption Fee: $321.38
  • Species: Dog
  • Rescue ID: 19-46
  • General Color: Fawn
  • Color: Bicolor
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Ear Type: Droopy
  • Tail Type: Docked
  • Current Age: 6 Years (best estimate)
  • Fence Required: Yes(6 foot)
  • Housetrained: Yes
  • Obedience Training Needed: Has Basic Training
  • Exercise Needs: High
  • Grooming Needs: Moderate
  • Shedding Amount: Moderate
  • Reaction to New People: Friendly

Although I have to be the only kid in the house, I have a huge bubbly personality to make up for it. I love long walks however I am not very good with strangers. A high fenced in yard would be best for me!

*Update 3/16/2021*
I am heading into what I hope is my FUREVER home. I am going to do a few week trial and I can not wait. I hope it goes smoothly and they love me as much as I will love them. Cross your paws for me!

*Update 12/24/2020*

Chevy is doing great in his foster home. He misses his daily long walks but we get out energy in the house with his toys and a bit of wrestling around. He is enjoying the gifts he has received from so many of his fans, squeaky toys galore although he plays rough and they don't last long LOL. He has a new winter coat that goes on so easy and he doesn't fuss about wearing it so that's great! He is such a snuggler now. When he first came to his foster Dad he was content sleeping/lounging solo but these last few months he has really taken to being a 60lb lap dog and quite the snuggler which to be honest is why boxers are the best! He is fine in his kennel when alone in the house, he does like to counter surf a bit though when no one is looking. Overall Chevy is a wonderful dog, He will add joy to whoever is drawn to him. He is sooo handsome if you think he might be the boxer for you please inquire, he is the best!

 *Update 9/10/2020*
Chevy has been taking lots of walks and working on more calm behavior when we come across other critters and people. If we can, we stop and observe until the tree kitties (squirrels) become boring and we move on. Chevy is really a snuggler during the day, at night he is a solo kind of fella and likes his space. He is really quiet at night and no surprise needs to go out. He is obedient and listens well when you have a little treat for him, he is a little stubborn in some cases but with direction he complies. Never will have a problem getting him to go for a car ride he loves to feel the wind out the window. He is really a good boy for the right home (high fence LOL). He is very athletic and high energy. 


*Update 8/7/2020*
Hey everyone it’s Chevy checkin in! Well my first week with my new foster Dad has been wonderful! I am acclimating well to my new home and routine. I am an active boxer so I like to go for walks, roam the house or just be outside. I have met some people here and boy do I turn on the charm with wiggles and licks, I won’t slobber on ya much and I have good breath LOL. My yard doesn't have a fence so I am on a leash at all times but that doesn’t bother me. I did go to the dog park the other day and it was awesome to run around. There were no other dogs there which is probably for the best at this time. I do fine in the house, I go in my kennel when my foster Dad is at work. I have had a few occasions where he left me out and I behaved so I am building trust that I am a good boy. I love to snuggle and let you know I’m in the room. My health is excellent, my fur is beautiful and I love to be brushed. So there you have it.....my first week and doing well. I am looking forward to meeting people who want to meet me. 
*Update 5/2/2020 *
Chevy is going through a training program with "Unleashed" they are teaching him how to be a dog, while helping us learn what he needs from his FUREVER owner! Stay tuned!

*Update 2/19/2020*
Chevy is ready for winter to be over! While he loves to eat the snow, and loves to plow through the snow banks, he is very ready for the warm weather so he can co on longer walks. Not a lot of updates today, he hasn't had potty accidents in months which is great! We have a puppy sitter that has been visiting so they can get used to each other so we can go somewhere for a day or two without having to worry about him and those visits are going very well. We also visited a trainer this Saturday who gave us some pointers to help with training and we will be working on those on a nightly basis.
*Update 1/14/2020*
With the holidays and the cold winter weather our socialization training has slowed down. In the house we continue to work on stay, leave it, and ringing the bells to go outside. Chevy has a potty routine so it's not often he has to ask to go outside so he hasn't rang the bells to go out yet, but he has been doing great in the house, no accidents in over a month! For Christmas he received some pig toys that honk, those were a hit!  By far his favorite toy to date. I also found a squeaky ball that he has yet to chew apart, and he likes to pounce on it in the snow and try to dig it out which is super cute to watch
*Update 11/29/2019*
If you are looking for a cuddle bug this guy is it! He absolutely loves to be on your lap, and if you are sitting next to someone he will sprawl himself out over both of you to to ensure he gets all the love! Need to move or reposition him? Just move him wherever you want he doesn't mind! One of my favorite things about him is he loves to sleep on his back with his feet up in the air, it is absolutely adorable! Chevy has also become patient with food, he is to the point I don't have to say "Leave It" every time I set some food on my lap, and if we eat on the couch watching TV he lays down at my feet and waits patiently for a bite. Some more good news, we've met the trainer twice and she noticed a good change in how responsive he was to on leash commands! We are still working on socializing with people as well, it can be a bit scary for him at first since he is not used to meeting new people but treats are a quick way to make any stranger his friend! :)
*Update 11/162019*
Chevy is becoming quite the well-rounded house dog I knew he could become! He sits and waits for me to put his food down for meals, he is learning to "leave it" and not touch food if I am sitting by him with it or set it in front of him and won't touch it until I give him the ok. We haven't had a potty accident in the house in over a week now that we understand his bathroom needs and he is still learning to ring the bell to go outside. We allow him to roam the house with restrictions while we are at work and as long as food, dishes, or anything enticing is out of reach he mostly sleeps throughout the day until we get home. He absolutely LOVES car rides, if you leave your car door open you are guaranteed to find him in there waiting if he can sneak in. He loves playing with his toys, the squeakier the better and is getting really good at sitting and waiting for me to throw the toy when I take it from him. He's been doing good with people lately, he's still cautious of some new people but once he warms up he just wants to be pet by everyone.
We also recently started to work with a trainer to get him more social with other dogs, the first session went great and we were able to walk him past the trainer's dog, and have her walk past him real close without him barking or lunging! It will take repetition for him to be calm and confident around other dogs but to see such a change in the one session shows he is capable and willing to do better! :)
*Update 10/31/2019*
Chevy is working hard to become the "Goodest of Boys". We had a few potty accidents last week but have been good again this week. We have recently learned how to "Give" and let go of toys when asked, however he gets quite excited about new toys and doesn't want to give them up so I use treats as a trade off so I can take the toy. We are working on bell training to go outside, he knows how to ring the bell, now we need to learn how to ring it to go potty outside. Chevy is learning to sit and wait for his food, I make him "stay" until I set it down, and we are working on "stay" as a general command as well and he is catching on! Chevy used to jump up often out of excitement or if you have food but now he sits more often than jumping as he has learned that sit will get him pets or the food that he wants, and only jumps on occasion now so it is still a work in progress but he has come a long way from when he first came to us! Chevy is still uncomfortable meeting dogs face to face, and has been uncomfortable with a few strangers so we are looking at utilizing a trainer to help him be more comfortable with strangers and other dogs. Overall he is a very happy and loving boy that will be happiest in a home of his own with no other dogs or cats, and older children that won't get knocked over easily if he gets a little rambunctious. He loves his toys, the squeakier the better, loves his walks, and when he isn't playing or walking he is happiest cuddled up on your lap or right next to you :)
*Update 10/2/2019*
Chevy has been progressing nicely the past few weeks and we have learned so much about him! He loves people, but can be cautious of new people and occasionally barks at people across the street since he is unsure of who they are. When walked over to them he is more than happy to be pet by them. At night he is a little more cautious since it is harder to know who it is and does bark and growl a little more often but with a little reassurance he mellows down. In the house he wants to just crawl in your lap and be loved on by you and give you kisses. 
Chevy did come up from Missouri with another boxer, Molly, and he enjoyed her company but he is having troubles meeting new dogs face to face and does act aggressive towards them. He has met a dog in his crate and did not react to the dog, and has sniffed a couple small dogs that were being held with no issues. At this time I still feel he will be best as an only dog so he can absorb all of your love! We have made trips to the pet store which he loves, mostly because there are lots of people, and even though he can have too much energy at home for kids he does love their attention at the store and stands nicely for their pets.  
The resource guarding has decreased immensely, I can pet him while he's eating and he is nice about taking treats. if you give him a bone and you want to take it away I use another treat as a distraction as even the best of dogs can be defensive of their bones. Chevy has learned it is ok to let me take the toy as I will throw it for him, sometimes he will try to move away but he always drops the ball once my hand touches it and gets ready for me to throw it again. He is currently learning to "give" to make it easier to get the toy since it is a bit of a game currently.  
Potty training is also progressing, when he first came to us he marked and went potty in the house and in his crate often. We do let him out of the crate over lunch but otherwise he has not gone potty in his crate during the day and he is getting better about going longer in between potty breaks when we are home. Chevy sleeps with us at night and is quite the cuddler and he has not had accidents over night which is great! 
Did I mention he is roomba approved?!? He definitely didn't care for it at first but has come to learn it is nothing to be bothered by and leaves it alone.

New to rescue 9/15/2019
*Chevy came all the way from southern Missouri and is settling into his foster home.  He's a goofball and adores people.  He loves to be with his people.  He loves the car and exploring his neighborhood.  He is crate trained!  He will easily knock over kids, that is one reason why he was surrendered. We are working on his resource guarding and he is a fencer jumper/climber. He is also working on learning to be introduced to other dogs in a safe and proper manner, but he will thrive on not having to share his humans with any other pets!

  Chevy will need continued training with his adoption family!

More about Chevy *Adoption Pending*

Is Not Good with Dogs, Not Good with Cats, Good with Older/Considerate Kids Only, Good with Adults, Cratetrained, Likes to play with toys, Obedient, Playful, Affectionate, Eager To Please, Goofy, Not good with small dogs

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