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Last Updated:
3/25/2020 5:26 PM


Iggy *Training Hold*'s Web Page

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About Iggy *Training Hold*

  • Status: Available for Adoption (adoption info)
  • Adoption Fee: $321.37
  • Species: Dog
  • Rescue ID: 19-60
  • General Color: Fawn
  • Color: Bicolor
  • Current Age: 2 Years 10 Months (best estimate)
  • Housetrained: Yes
  • Grooming Needs: Low
  • Owner Experience Needed: Breed
*Update 3/11/2020*

Liz told me to send you an update for Iggy's page, so here goes :)
Time for an Iggy update! We are coming up on 4 weeks with this goofball in our house, can't believe it! We are accident free (woohoo!) and getting along with the other two dogs very well. The cat continues to be a challenge, with Iggy wanting to chase and bark at her, but we are gradually moving toward not obsessing over her, and being able to be called away when looking at her. We are still avoiding face to face encounters at this time, and Iggy is always leashed if she is wandering around.
Iggy has been out and about on many walks, and has made lots of progress sitting off the side of the path or passing other people depending on the moment. We encountered some moments where, out of frustration and confusion, Iggy would redirect and nip at his leash, or the pant leg or sleeve of the leash handler during tense encounters. For this reason, and along with guidance from Iggy's awesome trainer Liz, we have started muzzle training, and are utilizing a muzzle during our walks. We think Iggy pulls it off quite stunningly! It has allowed us to walk him on a simple slip collar, and to further work on his leash manners and stranger reactivity. Can't wait to see where this goes! Over the past couple weeks, Iggy has enjoyed adventures at Willow River state park (surrounded by lots of people and dogs), Kinnikinnic State park (where we only encountered two people, and enjoyed a
beautiful sunset and lots of great smells) a small neighborhood park (where he experienced crossing a creek), and many times through the UW River Falls college campus (where we often work on leash reactions around strangers).

After a visit with the vet on Tuesday,  we have started the exciting process of weaning Iggy off of Trazodone, a sedative medication Iggy has been getting twice a day. We are hoping getting this medication out of his system will allow Iggy to have a more even energy level,  and will allow him to better process new information and learn new things. We know there is a goofy, playful dude under there,  and we are hoping this medication change will help us find him! Today we are at half his previous dose, and if all goes well,  Iggy will be trazodone free in a month. He will remain on an antianxiety medication,  as well as benadryl for the time being, to help him cope with his anxiety.

Iggy has also had two very positive encounters with visitors in our house, one with Trainer Liz, and one with a fellow boxer lover. He took a little time to warm up, but was able to relax, accept treats and even accept touches/pets by the end of the visit. Way to go Iggy!
We can't wait to see what else Iggy has to teach us in the coming weeks!

*Update 2/19/2020*
Neighborhood watch hounds! Iggy is learning to really like the place bed. And he's pulling Lyra out of her shell and getting her to wrestle! She still doesn't know what to do with a boxer punch, but she's getting better at play bows and dodging. Parker is still a little grumbly in the house (his norm until a dog is fully incorporated into the pack), but loves a good game of chase in the back yard. The cat is another story...Iggy has a similar reaction to her as to unfamiliar people outside. Something to continue working on. 
Today's progress,  learning to relax on a place bed,  and following commands at the vet (no interactions with strangers,  just responding to my commands and observing/ listening to new voices) 
*Update 2/2/2020*
Iggy here! My foster parents said it's time for an update, so here goes:
I love snuggling and sneaking in to their bed at night when they are sleeping. I still have accidents in my kennel or safe space, but have had some "pee free" days. 
 A neat lady came over to our house to help my foster parents learn behavioral therapy tactics, because my anxiety means I don't do well with traditional training methods.
 Sometimes I just don't know what to do with myself so I pace around and bark. I heard somebody say they're going to change my medications again soon. I'm hoping that will help me relax more. 
 That's all for now. Maybe somebody out there is looking for a special dog just like me.

*Update 1/14/2020*

Iggy has been in our home as a foster for 10 weeks. We have three dogs (two Boxers and a Pug) that Iggy gets along amazingly well with! 

Iggy has adjusted well to me and my husband; he follows our commands, loves to snuggle us and loves to spend time with us. Every night when he is told to go to bed, he will get up, walk into our bedroom, and lay down dog bed that is next to our bed. He sleeps well for 8 to 10 hours every night.

Iggy had difficulty with us leaving for work in the beginning. Despite going willingly into the kennel, he cried while we are gone, and had accidents in the kennel almost daily. After trying several different methods to make him more comfortable without his humans, we have found he does well in a "safe space". Iggy's "safe space" is a small hallway in our home with a gate on the doorway. He is fed in there, has a blanket and is given a frozen Kong or other puzzle toy while we are getting ready to leave. As long as we leave without making a big fuss over it, he is content in here for several hours. He no longer cries when we are gone and has fewer accidents than before.

When we are home with him, he lays down calmly on his bed near us, plays with the other dogs and his toys, and seems content. The exception to this is when visitors and other members of the household come and go. 

Iggy has not had an opportunity to bond with the other two adults in our home, and he is not happy about that. He simply does not feel safe around people he does not know. When they come and go, Iggy gets tense and barks at them. We are working with a behavioralist and the vet on these behaviors, and to help Iggy feel safe with the world around him.

Iggy is on Paxil and Trazone twice daily, and needs continued behavioral thearpy to get his anxious reactions under control. 

Hes also undergoing medical evaluation due to the frequent accidents he has as well as the fact that he eats up to four cups of food per day but is slow to gain any weight. Additionally, in the last couple of weeks he seems to be having an allergic reaction to something in his food, meds or environment.

Iggy is on a behavioral hold and cannot currently be adopted. We are looking for a long term foster home for him. The ideal long term foster home is an experienced, quiet, adult only home that is able to spend time working with Iggy and MNBR to navigate through the complexities of his health and behavior. While his needs are significant, he is worth it. Dogs like Iggy are the reason for rescue! 

*Update 11/19/2019*

Iggy is settling into our home, but we need to do some continued work on his barking when he is bored or anxious. His anxiety makes him somewhat edgy around males that he does not know or has not learned to trust.
He has a UTI that he is being treated for and continues to be on medication for his anxiety.  The UTI wakes him up a couple times every night,  but accidents in the house are very minimal.
The good news as we discovered that he will eat well if we just mix his regular food with wet food,  so we are hopeful for him to gain weight. He also does amazing with our other dogs, and loves logs loves to play with them.  He knows many commands, including sit, stay, down, kennel, and go sleepy (a softer version of play dead)
Iggy  will need more time and training before he can meet families and go to events. For now, he is cozy and comfy with his foster family. 

More about Iggy *Training Hold*

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Iggy *Training Hold* Iggy *Training Hold* Iggy *Training Hold* Iggy *Training Hold*
Iggy *Training Hold* Iggy *Training Hold* Iggy *Training Hold* Iggy *Training Hold*
Iggy *Training Hold* Iggy *Training Hold* Iggy *Training Hold*

Currently we do not know if Iggy *Training Hold* will be able to attend the event, Adoption Meet & Greet on Sunday, April 19th, 2020.
Currently we do not know if Iggy *Training Hold* will be able to attend the event, Adoption Meet & Greet on Sunday, May 17th, 2020.

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