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Name: Lilly
Status: Adopted!
Adoption Fee: $214.25 (Including MN Sales Tax)
Species: Dog
Breed: Boxer / Beagle / Mixed (short coat)
Learn more about the Boxer.
Learn more about the Beagle.
Color: Flashy Fawn
Pattern: Bicolor
Sex: Female
Current Size: 55 Pounds
General Potential Size: Medium
Current Age: 7 Years 1 Month (best estimate)
Activity Level: Moderately Active
Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor Only
Good with Dogs: No
Good with Kids: No
Housetrained: Yes

*Update 11/14/2021*

Calling all fosters! Lilly is coming back into rescue and needs a place to stay! Her time is limited with her family and due to her trauma, we really don't want to have to board her.
Lilly is a very special girl to us. Her dad had Alzheimer's and as a result, he overfed her causing her 35lb frame to balloon to 85lbs and he also abused her physically (he didn't know!). She is nervous around new people and experiences and will growl. She's never bitten, unless self-defense when being abused, but she will growl to let you know she's uncomfortable. We love dogs that give warnings! Her biggest issue, besides needing to be the only pet in the house, is she doesn't like her neck touched. She can be hooked to a leash or a slip lead for walks though. She has come so far in the last year and has shown she can bond with her people. We took her in last November and several months later she was adopted. Her current family is having some major disruption to her world and there's concern she'll regress.
I know dogs that need training are hard, but my goodness are they so rewarding to foster or adopt! And I know she's a mix, we believe with a beagle, and people come to us for a purebred. But if you can open your hearts to this precious girl, I promise she won't let you down! And we will be with you every step of the way with her training and placement. Underneath the last 20lbs she needs to lose and underneath her fearful exterior, Lilly is a gem.....a diamond in the ruff!
Interested? Email foster@minnesotaboxerrescue.onmicrosoft.com.

*Update 1/2/2020*
Update on foster Lilly. She has been working really hard and has lost about 16 pounds! She's now down to 59.6 lbs fro m the 76 lbs she was when we started fostering her 5 weeks ago. The picture of her lying down is from her first day with us and you can see how rolly polly and ho hum she was. The other pic and video are her now. She loves her walks and cuddles on the couch.

* Update 11/30/2020*

Sweet Lily here checking in. I've been with my foster parents for a week now and I'm settling in quite nicely. When I first arrived I was scared & hesitant to go inside, but now I know it's a safe & caring space, so I eagerly run up the stairs and in the door after being outside. One of my favorite things to do is to go on walks. When my foster parents are getting ready to take me outside my body starts a wiggling and I get a smile on my face. At first I go full speed, sometimes almost galloping down the sidewalk. Despite the extra weight I'm carrying right now, I can walk a good distance a couple times of day. Sometimes certain noises or things like life size Christmas decorations in a yard make me a little apprehensive, but with redirection I can carry on the walk just fine. After walks I take a good nap, which includes lots of snoring. I like to take some of my naps on the couch, soaking up the sun, but my foster mom says I need to work on listening when I'm asked to get down off the couch.
Second favorite thing to do is hang out with my foster parents. Where I don't feel the need to follow them around constantly, I do like to be in the same room and keep tabs on them. We even had three extra family members come over for Thanksgiving. I was excited to see them and be around them all evening, never feeling the need to go be in my kennel. Speaking of my kennel, I enjoy having this place to retreat to from time to time when I'm unsure of things or when I just want a quiet place to take a nap or sleep during the night. I can get a bit anxious when one of my foster parents goes outside without me, more so when it's my foster mom. I will jump up on the window sill, whine/bark a bit and pace around. It doesn't last too long & then I eventually relax. I come quickly to the door when they return and give them a happy tail wag when I see them. 
I was so used to getting people food all the time that it's taking me awhile to get used to set feeding times and only eating my kibble. Adding bone broth to the kibble has helped me be more interested in it. Despite being fed people food all the time I'm not an obnoxious beggar. I definitely perk up a lot more when I smell people food and when my foster parents are eating I will sit quietly in front of them, but they ignore me so I lie down and don't bother them anymore. 
Biggest thing I've been working on is trust. There are times, for uncertain reasons, that I feel uneasy or I'm being touched around my neck/head in a way that I don't like, so I let know my foster parents know with a look & snarl. More and more I will approach my foster parents for affection and I am starting to like when they just randomly give me some loving. They are learning when & where I can be petted. I do love my ears, chin, chest and butt rubbed. Sometimes I'll even roll over so they can pet my belly!

**New to rescue 11/21/2020

Hi, I am Lilly and I am so happy to be in rescue. I am settling in at my new foster home, stay tuned while I settle in!

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