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About Tucker *Adoption Pending*

  • Status: Adopted!
  • Adoption Fee: $267.81 (Including MN sales tax)
  • Species: Dog
  • General Color: Brindle with White
  • Color: Brindle
  • Current Age: 9 Years 10 Months (best estimate)
  • Housetrained: Yes

*Update 1-12-2022*

I don’t know if there has been an adjective we have not used to describe how cute, gorgeous, sweet, charming, adorable, loveable, and endearing we have found Tucker to be since coming to us as a foster a week ago. He has the biggest, most soulful eyes that look right into your heart. He has great eye contact and always wins the staring contest. Tucker’s color and markings are striking, and it all comes in a pint-sized boxer! 

Tucker is a very calm boxer. He does not jump up on people or paw you for attention. His demeanor is subdued in the home. He will come up to you for attention by simply standing by you or getting close to your hand. Sadly, when you reach for him, at times, he seems to flinch the tiniest bit and appears to cower. It may be possible that someone was unkind to him at some point in his life. Once he knows it is a kind hand, he will accept all the pets you have to give him for as long as possible. 

Tucker wants to know where you are all the time! If you have a fear of being in the bathroom alone, Tucker is the guy for you! You will never go to the bathroom alone again…..ever.

Tucker can hold his licker! He is not a kisser – which is ok because his breath isn’t the greatest because he needs some serious dental work. The rescue has scheduled his appointment for February and will cover the cost.

Tucker really seems to enjoy rides in the car – however I would suggest he be in the very back of an SUV or restrained in some way ONLY because he is so little that any sudden stop will cause him to slide off the seat. (Lesson learned) He did not seem to mind riding all the way in the back when he went to Home Depot and the resident pooch rode in the back seatThis may be less of an issue as/if he develops better “vehicle legs & balance”. Until then safety first! 

Tucker has been to Home Depot, Chuck & Don’s and for a walk in the neighborhood, on a warmer day. He had no fear entering Home Depot, nor was he scared of the doors, noises, or people. Of course, everyone had to pet him and were shocked when told he was 9 yrs old. (My husband said he would make a great chick magnet – funny guy, right?) He enjoyed the smells at Chuck & Don’s and was easily redirectable from all the goodies.

When we went for a walk around the block, Tucker did amazing! He has the best little trot that you cannot help but smile at. His pace was surprising as he seemed laser focused and wasn’t stopping to smell anything. I had a hard time keeping up (I am not in good shape at all) He could end up being a great exercise buddy for the right person. Tucker met a smaller dog on his walk from a few feet away. Tucker was interested in meeting it, nub wagging, no negative vocalizations but the smaller dog was a bit over the top so several feet from each other was as close as I was comfortable due to the smaller dog’s behavior, not Tuckers. 

Admin with the rescue has confirmed that she saw Tucker with/around a cat and he had no issues at all, so with caution and proper introduction a home with a cat may be possible. 

In addition, since Tucker does do well on leash and seems to enjoy walks, he would not necessarily require a home with a fenced in yard. However, since he is older and hearing and sight may no be what it used to be, he should always be on leash or tie out when outside and not be left unattended.

Tucker and the resident dog barely interact at all. They pass each other in the room or kitchen or get both get pets at the same time and can be face to face with no problems at all. Tucker may sneak in a “sniff’ every once in awhile but that is about it. Tucker also does not play with toys. I imagine that may be because his teeth need attention and besides eating and treats, he may not want anything else in or around his mouth. Maybe that could change for him after his dental, who knows.Tucker is VERY eager to get a treat. We are working on taking a treat gently, but he can be overzealous and really try to gobble it up and you may feel his gums clasp on your fingers. An open hand coming up from below has been working well. Tucker is fine with practicing getting treats as many times as it is needed until he gets it right. (Maybe this dog is training me?)

Tucker is not a fan of the cold. He is small and could stand to put on a couple of pounds, so he wears a jacket or sweater when outside in out Minnesota weather. His feet get very cold also so we may try some kind of boots or protection for his footsies. 

Tucker is currently eating out of a raised bowl; it seems to minimize the mess he can make trying to get his meals into his mouth/gum/teeth issues. He is fed on one end of the kitchen and the resident dog on the other and there have been no issues. The resident dog is given her food after Tucker and she finishes before him because she gets less and it takes him longer to eat every….. single….. piece…. of kibble, so it works out perfect. 

Tucker sits a little funny, the lower part of his back legs may go in an outward position. When eating it is good for him to have a rug under his legs, especially the back, as he will start to do the splits. His back legs may not be the strongest, this may be due to lack of exercise or muscle tone, it is unknown, but there were no signs of weakness or leg fatigue on our walk around the block. He can do the 3 steps in and out of our home and I was told he did fine going up and down the stairs in his temp foster,which was a 4 level split home.

Tucker has been kenneled at night an when we leave the house. Most likely he would be just fine if left loose in the house, but it is always good to practice kenneling in case you need to use one. When we leave, he gets a peanut butter filled Kong which he really seems to enjoy and at night he will follow a treat into his kennel without any problem. He may get a little vocal in the early hours but will settle back down with a cue or two. He has an adorable bark and has on occasion been a little chatty under other circumstances. 

Noted previously in the remarks about Tucker it was writtenthat he may “mark”. To us, it does not seem to be marking in the true sense of the word. It seems more like: My life has been turned upside down and I don’t know how to communicate to you when I need to go potty. Also, I HATE the cold so I would rather not go out there at all, for any reason, no matter what, so if it’s ok with you I’ll go in the house like you do. Of course, this is not ok, but it is understandable with all he has been through. So, Tucker wears a belly band ALL THE TIME here at our home (unless out on a walk or when I need to remind my husband to take it off when he takes him out to go potty) Tucker does not mind it at all and will stand like a champ for you to put it on. Super easy, any leaks or actual accident messes areavoided, if they were to happen, they are contained.

This seems to be the right spot to add that Tucker has an outright uncontrollable OBSESSION with water and eating snow! So, what that means for Tucker is that the vet has ordered water restrictions for him along with medication to help with any anxiety that goes along with this. Tucker gets 1 cup of water every 2 hours for the hours that he is awake, with the last cup being 2 hours before he goes to bed or is kenneled. He is also taken out to go potty on a schedule of every 2 hours. When Tucker came here to our home it seemed for the first several days that we could not get the timing right with him and his band was always wet with a little or a lot. In figuring this out for him I purchased some disposable belly bands which fit welland some pads from the dollar store, which I cut in half, and place inside the band. The last couple of days have been much better for him and me, as we have started to really get the routine down. There have been more times when there is nothing on the pad and less when he has leaked or is wet. The rescue has had him tested and there seems to be no medical reason for bladder issue at this time. So, that lends to what he has gone through as possibly playing a large part in all of this and hopefully once he lands in his forever home it may not be an issue after an adjustment period. However, if it continues because he simply has an “old man bladder” it is easily cared for in this manner and he tolerates it all like the champ he is. Note to the adopter – toilet lids in the down position at all times!!

Now to tackle the eating of the snow – we have cleared an areaof snow in our yard to walk him in. He will try and pull towards the banks of snow to get a mouthful and he is super strong for such a little guy. So, there is a lot of redirection and cues when you take him out to go potty. Also, he forgets what he is outside for, so he needs reminders to go potty. We are going to try a few different things to minimize the pulling on his neck and throat area, so hopefully one will work better than a standard martingale collar. Realistically in a warmer climate the snow would not be an issue, nor will it be in the warmer monthsaround here. There is also the possibility that the snow and water feel good or sooth what is going on in his mouth. Only time will tell if the dental work helps curb this or not. 

Tucker is a lovely dog who eyes tell you the story that his heart has been broken, not once but twice. His person of 9 years, the only one he could trust and count on had to go into assisted living, so he was turned over to rescue. He thought things were looking up for him, as he was quickly adopted only to be returned, by no fault of his own, because his person got Covid and could no longer care for himSo once again Tucker found himself back in rescue in an emergency temporary foster home for a week and now with us. That is a lot for any dog to go through in 4 months, but it seems especially hard on Tucker. You can see the sadness in his eyes and feel it come from his body sometimes. You can tell he wants to give in and fall into your arms, but he is worried that it will only be for a little while and his heart simply cannot take being broken again. So, if you think you are the person/s or family to help mend Tuckers broken heart, please consider giving this little guy a place in your home and heart – and I have not doubt he will find room for you in his.

To sum things up there is nothing hard about falling in love with Tucker. There is nothing hard about caring for him and giving him all that he deserves. He just does a few things differently, but then again….don’t we all?



*Update 11-11-2021*

Welcome Tucker to MNBR! He is a gentle guy with a lot of love to give. He is in need of some TLC and a vet visit to get him feeling 100% but he loves his bed so much you can hear him snoring in the next room. He also loves going for walks and checking out the new smells! Stay tuned as Tucker gets adjusted!

NEW TO RESCUE: 10.24.21
Tucker  is great with other people, children, and dogs. He however can't be around cats or other small animals such as rabbits or guinea pigs because he will try and chase them. Even though he is around other dogs, he would like it best to be in a home with another dog that is a couch potato like him. He spends most of his days lounging around the house and is not the type of dog to play with toys, fetch, or go for runs. He is kennel trained and goes in there at bedtime and when we are gone.  Tucker  is housetrained but wears a belly band to prevent marking, a recent behavior development. He will need a house with a fenced-in yard or a tie-out to prevent him from wandering off. He also does not like being left outside for long periods and will bark to let you know he wants to come back inside. He is a great dog and the best couch potato to relax and watch movies with. 

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