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Hank *Foster Needed*'s Sponsorship Page
Hank *Foster Needed*

Hank, 8.5yo MNBR alum, is a happy, athletic, fun pup. He can live with dogs: females and submissive males. He lives with cats, but he's convinced they're going to eat his food or hijack his things so cats are a no no. He's even trained his little, cockapoo brother to protect his food bowl from the cats. No joke! He absolutely loves children!! He does require a fenced yard, exercise, and of course, snuggles. He'd really benefit from someone explaining he doesn't need to fill the shoes of Gladys Kravitz because we all have Ring doorbells to do that for us now. Maybe you could replace his nosy urge to gossip at the top of his lungs with the art of meditation or get him hooked on ASMR videos. Just suggestions. He loves lake life and swimming for his sticks. He'll even play fetch by himself dropping in a stick off the dock and running to fetch it! I can't guarantee he'd stay in a boat if he saw a stick floating by....or a log.

Do you have room in your home for four paws, a wagging tail, and kisses? Is a piece of your heart yearning for someone willing to watch every James Bond film back to back? Are you just jonsing for that perfect friend that will always be up for grilling meat on the back deck and playing a good old game of catch while listening to The J. Geils Band? If so, HANK IS YOUR GUY!

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