Adoption Information


Minnesota Boxer Rescue's Adoption Process:   

1.  Submit an Adoption Application 

Minnesota Boxer Rescue uses a rigorous screening process for our potential adopters in order to find the very best possible match for both you and our foster dogs.  This is of supreme importance, as we want all adoptions to be lifetime commitments! 

Along with your completed application, we require that you provide both a Veterinarian reference, as well as two (2) non-related personal references.  References are a critical part of your application, and your application cannot be processed if reference information is incomplete or not provided.  

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2.  Veterinarian and Personal Reference Check

Along with your completed application, we require that you provide both a Veterinarian reference, as well as two (2) non-related personal references.  We ask for both an email address and phone numbers for your references so that we can contact them directly.  Please notify your references that we will be contacting them - Veterinarians often have privacy practices in place, and they require your approval to release your information. References are a critical part of your application, and your application cannot be processed if reference information is incomplete or not provided.  

All pets in your home MUST be up to date on all vaccinations, receive heartworm preventive, and MUST be spayed/neutered.  


3.  Home Visit

The purpose of the home visit is to inspect the surroundings in which a dog that is placed with you will live.  We seek to meet all household family members (both human and non-human) address any major concerns, and get to know you better.  (We are not at your home to pass judgment on your housekeeping skills!).  

Once your adoption application has been processed, a member of our team will reach out to schedule a home visit. Our home visit volunteer will meet with you, tour your home, meet your family and animals who will be interacting with your Boxer, and answer any questions you may have.  Home visits are generally brief and informal.  The details of your home visit will be communicated to the adoption team, and will become a part of your adoption application.  

4.  Adoption Fees

To provide for the necessary care of dogs coming into rescue with Minnesota Boxer Rescue, the following Adoption Fee schedule has been implemented.


Age of Dog

Adoption Fee[2]

Puppy (newborn – 2 years)


Youth (2-4 years)


Adult (4-7 years)


Senior (7 years or older)


Click here for a printable version of our Adoption Fees (effective April 1, 2021)

Payment of Adoption Fees are non-refundable[1] and are required prior to, or at the time of an adopter taking custody of a dog; or when a foster determines they are adopting their current foster dog. 

Please note: WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH.  Your Adoption Fee, including sales tax, must be paid via check, money order, or via Pay Pal.  

We will not negotiate Adoption Fees.

Your Adoption Fee is not a "sale" but a fee used to cover costs associated with intial health assessment and any routine medical treatment provided to the dog, as well as in addition to housing, transport, feeding, and other costs associated with keeping the Boxer safe, healthy, and happy while in our care. Funds not utilized for one dog are applied to the needs other dogs coming in to rescue. 


[1] Exceptions will be reviewed by MNBR such as prepayments.

[2] Adoption fees are subject to tax for Minnesota residents; adopters residing in any state, other than Minnesota, are not subject to paying tax.

Medical Treatment Provided to incoming rescue animals

For dogs coming in as a rescue with Minnesota Boxer Rescue, we assess the health of the dog, and provide routine medical treatment.  Minnesota Boxer Rescue provides the following routine health care as needed:

  • Comprehensive physical veterinarian exam

  • Rabies

  • Distemper combo

  • Bordatella

  • Heartworm Test and preventative meds (first round)

  • Fecal test and any necessary worming

  • Microchip implant and registration

  • Spay or neuter

  • Any other treatment deemed necessary by approved rescue vet

Many dogs require routine medical treatment ranging from $100-$800 each. Some dogs require more serious care for heartworm treatment, dental disease, tumor removal, limb amputation, and knee and hip repair. These types of medical treatment can incur expenses from $1,000 to $5,000 with rare situations running up to $10,000.  

5. Finalizing the adoption

Your Boxer's foster home or one of our team members will review with you the following information, as well as provide you with copies of the following information/documents:

  • Spay/neuter contract (if applicable)

  • Two-week shut down information

  • All vet and shelter records

  • About your new dog form

The full adoption fee must be paid, including all applicable MN Sales Tax, prior to taking custody of any dog. 


You must pay adoption fee, including tax, by Check, money order, or via PayPal.


Additional Information

Minnesota Boxer Rescue does not usually place female Boxers in homes with other female Boxers or bully breeds.  To have two female Boxers live happily ever after takes the right personality and temperament between the two dogs.  

If you have questions about this policy, please email our Adoption Coordinator directly at adopt@minnesotaboxerrescue.onmicrosoft.com

You must be at least 21 years of age to apply for adoption. 

Approved adoption applications are good for two years.

A fenced yard is typically required to adopt a deaf or blind dog.

 or young Boxers under a year old that come in to rescue go straight into "foster to adopt" homes.  If you are interested in a puppy or young Boxer, please apply and get pre-approved as a foster so you are on our list for the youngsters.   

Minnesota Boxer Rescue will disclose all 
known behaviors, health, or emotional issues prior to adoption. 

Rescue Group Adoption Applications - 
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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Adoption Coordinator at adopt@minnesotaboxerrescue.com



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