Sponsorship Information

Sponsorship Information


Many dogs come in to MN Boxer Rescue because they are sick or injured and their families can no longer care for them.

Many dogs arrive needing expensive surgery or heartworm treatments.  MNBR is often the only chance for these dogs.  Many other rescues will turn them away. 

MNBR will have far more in expenses to save these dogs than we will get back in adoption fees.  We can only do this because of your generosity. 

With increasing costs of vet work, MNBR usually is just able to cover the vet costs with the adoption fee for a healthy dog.  In the case of many of our sick, injured and senior dogs, the adoption fee does not come close to covering the vet expenses. 

Please donate today!  Each of our wonderful boxers has a "Sponsor this Pet" option on their page.  Please use this link to direct your donation to help a specific dog.